Staff Inset Days

Mindfulness and Mindful Motion for stress reduction

Happy teachers = happy students

Did you know that 45% of sick days are caused by stress? And that stress in your school can result in sickness and lower productivity?

With a stress management workshop for your school staff during an inset day (or at the end of the school day), they can learn to manage stress and anxiety.

Options are either as a 1 hour or 3 hour format.

1 hour package

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and how being in the moment can beat stress and anxiety
  • How to improve communication using Mindfulness
  • Various Mindfulness exercises
  • How to use movement to be more present with Mindful Motion

3 hour package

  • Hour 1: Chill Zone  - a chance to just be in the moment and relax with mood lighting and music
  • Hour 2: Introduction to Mindfulness - as above
  • Hour 3: Introduction to Mindful Motion - how to use movement to manage stress and anxiety.

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call Darren on 07977 135506.