Workplace Stress Workshops in Surrey and SW London

Does stress in your workplace result in sickness and lower productivity?

Did you know that stress can cost your business up to £1000 per year per absentee? And that 45% of sick days are caused by stress?

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your staff?

Well, now you can reduce the effect of stress on business productivity by hosting a Mindfulness or Mindful Motion workshop for your employees.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

To manage stress in the workplace, consider hosting a Mindfulness Workshop.

In this workshop, employees learn various tools and techniques to manage on-going stress and reduce their stress levels through Mindfulness Meditation.

Employees will understand how to integrate Mindfulness into their everyday lives for a more relaxed mindset and be able to regularly practice various meditation exercises in the privacy of their own homes which will result in a reduction in overall stress.

The benefits of Mindfulness Meditation:

  • improved sense of well-being
  • improved focus and concentration
  • less stressed
  • better interaction with people
  • improved sleep
  • better mood

This is a seated session and is suitable for up to 30.

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Mindful Motion – a practical workshop combining mindfulness, Tai Chi, meditation and Yoga

The aim of this workshop is to enable your employees to manage stress by learning meditation and Mindful Motion movements so that they can practice these techniques regularly on their own.

We come to your office and transform a very functional meeting room or seminar room into a tranquil chill out zone by utilising specialist mood lighting and meditative music. Sessions are then run where employees can learn Mindful Motion or seated meditation (depending on the available space) to beat stress and achieve inner calm.

In this workshop, attendees will learn the following techniques:

  • specialist breathing techniques
  • Mindful Motion meditation
  • Mindful Motion stretches
  • flowing Mindful Motion movements
  • mindfulness meditation

Additional benefits: not only will they learn to relax and de-stress but they will:

  • improve their confidence
  • improve their self-esteem
  • achieve an overall sense of well-being
  • improve their concentration levels
  • burn hundreds of calories
  • improve their balance
  • strengthen their legs

Suitability: this course is beneficial to everyone regardless of age or fitness level!

Schedule: the workshop can be customised to suit your requirements. Please see below for an example schedule.

Location: these workplace stress workshops can be held in your offices if there is a large meeting room. Alternatively, a suitable venue can be arranged in Surrey and South West London.

Attendee size: up to 30 is recommended.

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Mindfulness and Wellbeing Day

To permit the greatest number of staff to benefit from mindfulness training, consider a Mindfulness and Wellbeing Day.

Split into several sessions, participants can sign up to one or more shorter sessions throughout a day whereby they can learn various methods of managing stress, learning to relax, improving their focus, improving their work performance and improving their relationships with others.

  • The Chill Zone - a space will be created with mood lighting and relaxing music for employees to chill out
  • Mindfulness workshops - workshops will be run covering different topics
  • Mindful Motion - participants can learn how to manage stress through gentle exercise
  • One-to-one dedicated Mindfulness coaching for specific individuals

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Workplace 10 Week Programme

To really instil change in both the employee's life and the workplace, we recommend the 10 week programme.

Benefits to both the employee and the business include:

  • reduced absenteeism
  • improved ability to manage stress and anxiety
  • improvements in teamwork and professional relationships
  • improved performance

Over the 10 weeks, attendees will practice various tools and techniques which will instil a regular mindfulness practice into their lives resulting in reduced stress plus change their approach to how they deal with issues, problems, customers and colleagues.

This programme will incorporate such practices as meditation, Mindful Motion, Emotional Freedom Techniques and mindful listening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindful Motion?

Mindful Motion combines gentle, flowing tai chi and yoga moves with meditation to help people to beat stress and anxiety. All the participant has to do is focus on the movements and they will experience a deep sense of calm.

What is Chi/Qi/Internal Energy?

According to Chinese Medicine, chi or internal energy is said to flow through the body. The concept of chi or internal energy may be mentioned during the class. This is to give you an understanding of why you are encouraged to move in a particular fashion and to give you a little background to how the movements were developed.

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung is a system of relaxing Chi exercises that are easy to learn yet give similar benefits to practising Tai Chi. This means that you can immediately exercise daily on your own to benefit further from the movements.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is traditionally a martial art but many people use it for its relaxation and de-stressing effects. Comprising slow flowing movements that strengthen the legs, improving flexibility and balance, by practising tai chi you will also improve your mobility, reduce blood pressure, increase bone density, increase strength and range of motion of joints, improve knee strength, reduce levels of stress and improve your immunity. Tai chi is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.

What kind of lighting system is used?

A variety of stage lighting units are used to create a gently glowing environment that incorporates water imagery and slow pulsations for an enhanced relaxing atmosphere. The plainest office can be turned into a tranquil oasis of mesmerising colour!

How healthy/fit do I need to be?

Mindful Motion is suitable for people at all levels of fitness. If you have any injuries or ailments, you are advised to be careful with stretching, touching or putting any sort of load on sensitive areas while participating in the class. Additionally, you know your own range of movement and while you may become more flexible through attending the classes, please do not feel that you have to carry out the movements to the same degree that the teacher or other students may achieve.

In terms of physical activity levels, if you can walk with a bag of shopping, then you should be able to practice the exercises. Of course, if there are any exercises that you feel you cannot perform, you are welcome to sit out for a while.

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Example Schedule

The following schedule is an example of a 2 hour Mindful Motion workshop that covers Chi Kung meditation, a Tai Chi practice form and other Tai Chi movements.

2pm: Introduction: what is Mindful Motion? How can it help you to manage stress and achieve wellness?
2.10pm: Warm up and Yoga-style stretching.
2.30pm: Basic Chi Kung meditation routine.
3pm: Tai Chi walking.
3.10pm: Tai Chi Practice form.
3.30pm: Mindfulness Meditation.
3.50pm: Final questions and close.


Darren Yap has over 25 years of Tai Chi, martial arts and holistic therapy experience, including Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (energy psychology), meditation and Chi Kung, and has worked extensively with both the elderly and cancer patients.